LipService w/LBrush for Maya 5.0







Wanna take it for a whirl? No problem!

Nodelocks are the easiest, just download the plugin, then send
us the error you get when you try and load it from the plugin mgr.
No need to install the RLM license server software.

The error will appear in the script editor, and looks like this :
(you'll have to open the script editor window)

// Error: LBRUSH: Can not find a license <host=batman b8ac6f3fdeab> //
// Error: LBRUSH: version 5.0v38 for Maya 2011 (Linux x64)  //
// Error: line 1: initializePlugin function failed (shaveNode) //

We do actually need both those 1st lines, for a couple reasons, first of all, the
host info, but we also need version and platform info, because instructions
for what you need to do with the key are different for different platforms.

But the most important thing is to put "LBrush Temp key" in the subject of the mail
And tell me a bit about what you're trying to do in your mail, we might have some pointers.

Send requests to ''

Floating license temps are available, but that's a whole different process, just write me
a note.


  Patent Pending